Introduction of Exir pharmaceutical Company Establishment

Exir factory has been set in a land of 36 hectares area with a built area of 60 thousand square meters located in the city of Boroujerd in Lorestan province. The plant is the largest national industrial site in the field of human medicine production equipped with the state of the art technology production lines and distinct set of modern laboratory equipment and well-trained personnel and specialists. The factory currently produces more than 160 pharmaceutics in various dosages and administration forms ready for the consumer market.

The company products include pharmaceutical finished forms in various forms; tablets, capsules, ampoules, cartridges, syrups and powder for oral suspension and injectable vials.

 Exir Pharmaceutical Company is one of the largest and most advanced pharmaceutical manufacturers established in 1988, and had been put into operation in 1994. Since the beginning of 2000, the company entered the stock market. We have the mission to manufacture, supply and distribute medicinal products, food supplements and medical devices to enhance the community health by moving on the path of sustainable and balanced development which is our core responsibility.

At Exir pharmaceutical company a complete and standard evaluation system is used for quality assurance purposes. In this system, accurate and continuous control at all stages of production, from the arrival of API to the finished product has been used. This takes place in the quality control laboratories and also quality assurance units. These laboratories are among approved laboratories by the Ministry of Health and are used as Reference laboratories. All the processes are designed and performed in accordance to GMP standards and WHO rules. Utilization of new technologies and up to date knowledge in the company, has been provided the possibility for provision of superior quality of pharmaceutical products with competitive prices which are available to our local and international customers via commercial contracts.

 The company exports its products to more than 18 countries, including Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yemen, the Philippines, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Lebanon and Armenia which has honored Exir as the premier Exporter of the country for six years and has been chosen as the top exporter in this field.

 In addition to winning the trust of prestigious international companies for joint ventures and Under-Licensed production of their products, we have also managed to receive ISO 9001 for Quality Management System, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management, ISO 18001 OHSAS for Occupational Health and Safety System in Iran for two years and chosen as one of the best among one hundred top brands in Iran. Prize awards have been achieved in the evaluation of the quality of food, medicine and hygiene of Iran in four consecutive years and received a one star certificate of recognition to the quality for Cephalosporin injection, a three star certificate for multivitamin syrup "Sanastol" and Insulin vials. Also we have been awarded business excellence certificate for protection of consumer rights in the country for three years which are just among few recognitions we have received, representing the hard work and the quest for keeping high standards at work in this company.

Being globally active, Exir pharmaceutical company as a “Green” enterprise, strives hard to adhere to its professional ethics, rules and principles of international safety and environmental standards. It tries by relying on its knowledge base, innovation and creativity of its staff and utilizing expert advice from the medical communities and panels, reassuring to employees, stakeholders and consumers of its high standards.